Dwarves were first spotted near the end of the first era. Believed to be descendants of the first humans, this rough and though race is the strongest and most resilient of the human tree.

Dwarves are famous for three things: Their ability to drink booze like it was water, their inborn talent to find, mine and smith minerals, and their natural tendencies of inborn strength. Strong enough to lift boulders, the diminished man are usually seen in Slivergold.

Whereas humans tend to naturally understand magic, Dwarven magi are quite rare, and are usually of human/dwarf descent.

Dwarf [ 0 ]
dwarfism [ -15 ], Likes alcohol [ -1 ], Alcohol tolerance [ 1 ], ST +1 [ 10 ],
detect (rare minerals)(vague;-50%) [ 5 ]


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