Elves are the first creation of the gods. Although they believe themselves to be superior to humans and their descendants, the gods all agree that elves were given to much freedom. Making tension grow between the two old races.

being the prototype for humans, Elves are of varying sizes and shapes, but with much larger gaps. The largest of differences are clear when comparing a shadow elf to a winged elf; same race, completely different bodies and features..

The common elf has mostly similar features; large pointed ears, thin, triangular faces and long, silk-like hair of varying color are the most noticeable, but their actual defintion is based on where they have adapted themselves.

Magic is quite common in elves, much like humans. unlike humans, elves rely on true names as their magic base instead of methodological memorization. this allows elves to cast unique spells that they must craft themselves!

Common Elf [ 20 ]
DX +1 [ 20 ], Will -1 [ -5 ], magery (True names) [ 0 ]
Extended Lifespan 3 [ 6 ], Reduced Consumption 2 [ 4 ],
Delusions (Favored by the gods) [ -5 ]


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