Orcs are the second creation of the gods, and was originally considered a failure by them. but after stenroth let them escape to OVERWORLD, they were a valuable ally to humans during the war of the old ones.

Unlike orcs of many fantasy games, the orcs of OVERWORLD are less barbaric, but still have the drive and tenacity of war. this thirst of power has set them ahead in the arms departement, making weapons of death with ease. they are easily on par with elves on their beliefs, but it`s mostly towards stenroth.

Orc communities are run in a democratic style, but unlike normal demographic goverments, Orc electives fight in non-lethal wars, where the winner leads the group until the next ``election``. his fashion allows smart orcs to win by using technology instead of brute force.

Orcs are viewed biasedly, mostly due to the fact that they are naturally unnatractive, but their fighting spirit makes them all impressive. Comparatively to elves, orcs have a tendency of feeling natural rivalry, spurning fights from as much as a menacing look. They are impartial to humans and most elves, but have a tendency of hating shadow elves and Dwarves. Orcs commonly use magic, but find it to finnicky to actually use.

Orc [ 0 ]
ST +1 [ 10 ], HP +2 [ 4 ]
Intolerance (Dwarves and Shadow Elves) [ -10 ], Magery [ 0 ]
Delusions (Stenroth is the greatest of gods) [ -5 ]
Reduced Consumption 1 (food only; -50%) [ 1 ]


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