Humans were the second creation of the gods, after the Elves. These beings were much more fun to play with than their first creation! During the first Era, the humans of OVERWORLD were completely wiped out when Stenroth unleashed a deadly plague on them. The second group of humans came from another dimension, reestablishing their population.

Although humans are nearly the same as earth, there exists one major difference: their genetic code is unstable! making it possible for humans to breed with many other races of man. this has lead to many problematic situations, like a slow decline of actual humans, the appearance of new races, and even “different” humans!

Human stats are of average, but gain magery [ 0 ].

Other variants:
-Noble: IQ+1, Will -1, Per -1, HT-1.
-Magi: Magery 1 [ 15 ], HT -1, Magic Susceptibility 3 [ -9 ], Magic source 2 [ 4 ]
-God-kin: ST and HT +1, IQ -1


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