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A Brief history of OVERWORLD

Before Man
The creation of OVERWORLD
The gods first creation and their retreat to Aeather
The fifth creation, Humans
Escaped failures

The first Era
Conquest of Man
Discovering the Old Ones
The first Empire
Birth of the testificates
The trials of king cog
Aeather’s Plight
Man’s magic
The last hours of human

The Second Era
Sails to another world
The lost ancestors
Revival of humans
The Golden age
Dark Ones Coup d’etat
Terrans take Tillswen
Return of the gods
Fertile grounds
the Old Ones war
To pity a god serving man
Creation of the Nether and Stenroth’s punishement
Return to Aeather

The Third Era
The second empire
The wall and the technology jump
First man to Mun
The engineer’s network
King Tiedus and the Crusade of Purity
Safe haven Varden
War of the Half-Breeds
The Dungeonners assemble

Guilds and Groups

The Engineer’s Guild
The Wizard academy
The Thieves Guild
Company of Pirates
Crusaders of Purity
Merchants of Mo’thane
Necromancers at Corpse
Freak circus of Faldon
Antiquarians Guild
varden’s survivors
King Tiedus’s Knights of the Necronomicon

Cities, Towns and Villages

The Empire
Rolan, Lands of the noble
Commons, Birthplace of the Testificates
Town, The oldest known village
Mo’thane, Market of the east
Rensfield, Crusaders of Purity’s headquarters
Shutin, Trolls domain
Rust, The most advancest city in the empire
Tillswen, Terran domain
Pentweld, The undeground city
Slivergold, The largest mine in the empire and home of the dwarves
Faldon, Birthplace of Man
Rolan ii, the Noblest of retreats
Maclean, Backwater magic huts
Rotgum, The old mine
Gor’th,Orc domain
Sleaght, Mountain Town

New Technology

PD Gear

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