PD Gear

Personal data gear (PD gear) is mainly used by the engineer’s guild. These prodigious
machines are powered by powerstones, making them capable of having built-in magic spells,
Usable at anytime. the capacity of PD gear is roughly equal to TL 9 computers, but have no
power usage, but is incapable of use in no mana areas.

Attachements to PD gear is possible, the most popular being the engineer’s network, others include a short range mana detector, extra powerstones, or an engineer kit. some unusual PD’s have weapons built in, but it is quite rare.
The level of the powerstone in the PD represent the total number of attachements

PD watch: 0.05 lbs, lv1 powerstone, complexity 1 and 1GB of data. 120$, Carried on your wrist like a watch. is voice activated.
PD Light; 0.1 lbs, lv 3 powerstone, Complexitty 2 and 10 GB of data. 200$, Carried in a Pocket watch, which is voice activated.
PD hand-held: 0.5 lbs, lv 4 powerstone, complexity 3 and 25 GB of data. 290$, looks like a calculator with a keyboard instead of buttons.
PD Brace: 1 lb, lv 5 Powerstone, Complexity 4 and 80 GB of data. 300$, Looks like an arm brace, can be built into some armors. This is the most common gonne PD.
PD Box: 4 lbs, lv 6 Powerstone, Complexity 5 and 200 GB of data. 500$, the size of a laptop, this retangular PD can have the most attachements in it, the exception being the gonnes. PD boxes can be shaped like other things, but this is quite rare.


Flashlight: This small gem emits a bright light in a straight beam, depending on it’s size, it might not use a powerstone.
-Micro, 2-yard beam, no powerstone needed. +0.01 lbs, 5$
-Tiny, 5-yard beam, no powerstone needed. +0.05 lbs, 20$
-Small, 20-yard beam, no powerstone needed. +0.1 lbs, 50$
-Medium,50-yard beam, 1 powerstone needed, +0.5 lbs, 60$
-Large, 125-yard beam, 1 powerstone needed, +2 lbs, 120$

Engineer’s Network: This text-based device links all PD’s together throught the SATELITE, making it possible to communicate with anyone on the system. Pocket watch PD’s and bigger can also read entries off of them, and can even view low resolution video through a osciilating camera.
-Voice EN, Walkie-Talkie style communication, although small enough to fit in a PD ring, it isn’t strong enough to use. +0.01 lbs, no powerstone, 20$.
-Basic EN, Text-based comunication only, +0.05 lbs, 1 powerstone, 50$. Hand-held and bigger.
-Deluxe EN, Low-res screens, audio and text, +0.1 lbs, 1 powestone, 120$. Brace and bigger.
-Navigation EN. video-based communication possible, but only on PD boxes, Has the ability to track your exact location, like a GPS. +0.2 lbs, 2 powerstones, 200$.

Mana Detector: This object detects magic powers on an item, letting it scan what the function is, and the power. it also gives a rough estimate of the mana in the area or a person.
-Small Scanner, Scans at Skill-12. +0.3 lbs, 1 powerstone, 200$. Hand-held and larger.
-Large Scanner, scans at skill-14. +1 lb, 2 powerstones, 600$. PD box only.

Engineer Kit: This set of magic items are essential for engineers; Laser-mesure rulers, Self-radianting angler, a enhanced voice-based calculator and a plasti-mud screwdriver make up this amazing kit. it is 25$, 0.2 lbs, and uses a powerstone.

Gonne Attachements: Gonnes can be built into the PD when it is created, but this rare attachement is quite unique; Instead of bullets, it uses a mechanical device that automatically loads a cornucopia filled magazine, filling the magazine after the gonne is reloaded. the second stat in a category is for the box. the cornucopia machine takes 1 powerstone.

-Pop Gonne (Brace or Box only): 1d+2 [1d] Cr ex, ROF 1, ACC 2 or 1, Range 10*/100, Shots 1(2**), Bulk -2 or -6, ST 6 or 8+, Rcl 3 or 2. Costs 600$ and uses 2 powerstones, DX-5 or Guns (Grenade launcher )-1.

-Crossbow (Brace or Box only): 1d+6 (2) imp or 2d+2 (2) imp, ROF 1, ACC 1 or 2, Range 60/300, Shots 1(3**), Bulk -1 or -3, ST 3 or 6+, Rcl 1. Costs 200$ and uses no powerstone, DX-5 or Crossbow

-Zip Gonne (Hand-Held and Up): 1d+3 (2) or 4d+1 pi, ROF 3, ACC 3 or 5, Range 600/3000, Shots 15(1i**) or 21(1i**), Bulk -1 or -4 , Rcl 1 or 2. Costs 400$ and uses 1
powerstones, DX-5 or Guns(Pistol) or Guns(Rifle)-1

-Shotgonne (Brace Only): 1d pi, ROF 1, ACC 2, Range 40/800, Shots 1×12 (1i**), bulk -2, Rcl 2, Costs 400$ and uses 1 powerstone, DX-5 or Guns(Shotgun)

  • Minimum Range
    **Cornucopia makes the shots dissapear after 60 seconds.

PD Gear

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